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Analgesic Healthcare has partnered with a national leader in Cloud, SAN and communications solutions to provide state of the art infrastructure to serve further patients and healthcare providers throughout the U.S.

September 18, 2013 – Tampa, FLAnalgesic Healthcare, Inc. has partnered with a national leader in Cloud, SAN and communications solutions to provide state of the art infrastructure.  The undertaking will help increase and sustain the company’s national base of physicians and their patients.

The project was planned and coordinated by Jessie Copeland, the Information Technology Director of Analgesic Healthcare, Inc.

“This overhaul of our switches and underlying communications network will provide the infrastructure needed to sustain the business as well as provide opportunities for growth.  The planning process took several weeks, and the physical rollout was an around the clock experience resulting in zero down time.  It wouldn’t have been possible without our Network support team including Mike Rempfer, Network Engineer and Stephanie Gibble, IT specialist at AHC.  Our IT team is world class and made this substantial upgrade seamless.” said Six Sigma and Microsoft Certified IT Director, Jessie Copeland.

Mr. Copeland also added “This project was part of our 5 year strategic plan initiative to provide a physician network that will meet the ever growing healthcare needs throughout all of the United States.”

Internally, employees at Analgesic immediately noticed a considerable difference in processing time of internal systems and increased response time for customers.  This will increase productivity throughout all departments of the company.  Analgesic Healthcare, Inc. is continuing to monitor the performance of it’s infrastructure to find other areas of opportunity for technology.

The Analgesic Healthcare Information Technology Team mission is:

“To be a cohesive, customer focused team dedicated to supporting the data driven infrastructure required to improve connectivity with patient and healthcare providers.”

This change will help greatly in servicing Analgesic Healthcare’s end customer in both efficiencies and speed.

Analgesic Healthcare, Inc. headquartered in Tampa, Florida started in 1978 with a mission and vision to help patients throughout the country by providing a wide range of portable rehabilitation devices to patients under the direction and prescription of their physician.  This dedication and company buy in has driven the company to stay true to its core values.

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