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Dr. Williams was recently featured in a Ford Motor Company Good Works article. He was profiled for his great work in giving back to the community by providing chiropractic care to injured cowboys.

When Analgesic Healthcare heard about the commendable efforts and work of Dr. Williams, it was only natural that the company would seek to assist Dr. Williams. In doing so, AHC was able to provide electrotherapy devices along with back and knee bracing to all of the riders in need.

“I work with a lot of athletes and the sport I love to work with the most is Rodeo. Cowboys are the tough guys and gals that have to work hard, pay their own way and have terrible or no insurance. Analgesic Healthcare has stepped up as partners to help me provide assistance to these athletes who are in need. I thank them for their support, and I am proud to work with such a great company which cares about people. I have had the privilege of receiving knee braces for my patients to use in the Arena from Analgesic Healthcare. Again I would like to thank them for all that they do,” said Dr. Jeff Williams

“When we are able to give back to the community in any facet it makes what we do even more impacting and real. Helping patients throughout the U.S. is something that is paramount in the mission and vision of the company. At Analgesic Healthcare we love helping others.” said Sandy Shipley, Senior Sales Representative at AHC.

Overall, the PBR has over 2,000 members and the PRCA has over 7,000 members. Professional Rodeo is the 2nd most popular spectator sport in the U.S. after NASCAR.

They have been doing these events for over 30 years and are looking forward to many more.

Analgesic Healthcare, Inc is headquartered in Tampa, FL and serves over 60,000 patients throughout the U.S. Founded in 1978, AHC, a National Leader in personal rehabilitation devices, is able to provide a full level of service and support throughout the country.

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