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Analgesic Healthcare’s Quarter 3 Company-wide Meeting

The foundation of any company’s success is a combination of the company’s mission, vision, beliefs, shared values, an investment in employee growth and development.Furthermore, success is also contingent upon a consistent plan of action through the unified efforts of both staff and management.

This publication will serve as a recap of our Quarter 3 company wide meeting to keep you informed of Analgesic Healthcare’s current performance and future performance plans.

Analgesic Healthcare’s Vision, Mission, Beliefs, and Values

Analgesic Healthcare’s Mission is to be the leading health care provider of state-of-the-art personal rehabilitation devices, supplies, and services. We endeavor to reach prospective customers through daily contact. We will serve our existing customers with a commitment to quality and “on time” delivery and by keeping them abreast of current industry trends.

The purpose of Vision 2020 is to address the significant health care issues associated with aging, injury, and congenital disease and to build a physician network equipped to provide orthotic devices in every region of the United States.

Our Beliefs are the foundation of our success; for this reason:

  • We will continue partnering by providing personal rehabilitation medical products and services.
  • We are committed to educating physicians and patients about natural cost-effective solutions for injury and pain recovery.
  • We will serve our customers, automate and innovate processes, and develop our employees through the our profits.
  • We are committed to positively shape and enrich our country and community and therefore will continue giving back to the community.

Our Shared Values are Commitment, Respect, Dignity, Integrity, Accountability, Balance, Responsibility, Diversity, and Trust. To accomplish our mission, we incorporate theses values into every action we take.

Why AHC Strives for Accreditation

Charla Thomas, COO of Analgesic Healthcare, oversees the accreditation renewal process and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). Although Analgesic Healthcare does not require accreditation, we acknowledge the value of attaining accreditation.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a major key benchmark used to measure the quality of an organization.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Preparing for accreditation renewal will give Analgesic Healthcare the opportunity to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and will help Analgesic Healthcare management to make critical decisions aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our business performance.

What Will Accreditation Accomplish for Analgesic Healthcare?

By attaining accreditation, Analgesic Healthcare’s industry value will increase and position us as a provider of choice. Being a provider of choice will set us apart from other health care providers and will help us to gain the recognition and confidence of consumers.

Why Quality Improvement Program (QIP)

A QIP is an integral part of Analgesic Healthcare’s success as an industry leader because it enables us to self-assess our performance in delivering quality products and to plan for improvements.

A QIP committee (QIPC) is tasked with monitoring, tracking, reporting, and recommending corrective action plans; however, as a team, we are all responsible for QIP. While the committee recommends plans, management and staff will adopt and implement those plans. At Analgesic Healthcare, our QIP is measured by:

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • File Accuracy
  • Patient Complaints
  • Product Delivery
  • Patient Record/Compliance
  • Units Returns

Once measurements reach proposed standards for three consecutive quarters, the QIPC may remove and recommend a new measurement. The QIP will be revisited annually, if an issue arises, or to address staffing or management changes.

Revisiting Quarter 3

A review and evaluation of Q3 results are invaluable as we move into a new quarter. Our results in Q3 are as follows:

  • Patient Satisfaction: 98% satisfaction
  • File Accuracy: 99.9% accuracy
  • Patient Complaints:  <1% of patient base per quarter
  • Product Delivery: 99% on-time and accuracy
  • Patient Record/Compliance: 99% compliance
  • Units Returns: less than 5% of our new patients per quarter

Quality improvement is the key quality patient care. As we bring 2016 to a close and pivot into 2017, our CEO, Roy Edgerton, charges all staff to continue to be the Gold Standard.

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